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							Release date: November 30, 2012
Genre: Simulation (Flight / Space) / RPG / Action / Arcade

Developer: Soldak Entertainment
Publisher: Soldak Entertainment
Release group: Twisted EndZ

Language: English
Sound language: None
Version: 1.010
Publication Type: pirates

System requirements:
operating system
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Win7
minimum configuration
CPU 1.5 GHz, RAM 256 Mb
VRAM 128 Mb, DirectX
HDD 200 Mb
Tablet: enclosing (TE)

    Drox Operative - this action RPG with space ships, warring alien races, fierce battles, dynamic galaxy. The game will reveal the cosmic world, in the best tradition of science fiction.

    The galaxy has changed significantly since its inception: the various forces tried to subdue all the planets, but such a result could not be achieved any of the rulers. Drones millions of years kept universes under control thanks to the soldiers of the army of secret agents by name. These captains of spaceships have been specially selected and trained, and the main thing that bothered them - the ability to perform the job. Used a variety of methods, from spy missions to large-scale combat operations. For instant travel between the stars was earned system of tunnels that extended to the entire galaxy. That was until such time as the agents did not understand its significance, because they were the main active force.

    Drones have decided to get rid of their problems most dramatically, destroying its own agents, but this idea failed: instead of eliminating former subordinates drones unleashed an unprecedented civil war in which hundreds were drawn plaent populated world. Having lost their power, the dominant race has disappeared from view, and political arenas, and undercover agents have continued to exist in the form of a secret organization that carries out orders for a fabulous price. But believe me, these services cost money hectic. You will join the ranks of the Agents and break out at the top of the internal hierarchy of the organization.
Explore the changing galaxy
Study the different sectors of the galaxy with different monsters, ships, races, quests
Fight in the galactic wars between the various alien races
Build the most powerful spaceship in the galaxy
Let the adventure in friends in cooperative multiplayer

Features of Release
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Version v1.010
Multiplayer CO-OP works ONLY with direct IP connection
Cracked By: Twisted EndZ

Installing and Running | Screenshots set
1. Run the file "Setup.exe"
2. Set the following prompts the installer
3. Upon completion of a successful installation, run the game
4. When you first start, the game will ask registration code, enter any data
5. The game is ready for launch | have fun ^ _ ^ good luck

Multiplayer only works when connected to a direct IP.
Play on official servers is impossible (only bought the game).
File "Zones.cfg" can be changed to show your server in the game, and other pirate server,
make sure that players are using your Zones.cfg or direct IP connection.
(sorry for krivoperevod, the original text in the nfo) Release: Drox Operative v1.010 (c) 2013 Soldak Entertainment

 Date: 05/11/2013

 Cracked By: Twisted EndZ

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 Drox Operative is a starship action RPG with warring alien races,
 fierce space battles, a dynamic, evolving galaxy, and co-op
 multiplayer for Windows and Mac.

 Eons ago the Drox ruled the galaxy through their mighty
 Operatives. These elite starship captains were trained to
 accomplish the impossible at whatever cost necessary. Whether
 employing stealth or brute force, they were always deadly. Using
 these Operatives, the Drox built a starlane system for quick
 travel amongst the stars, colonized and conquered millions of
 planets, and ruled the galaxy with an iron grip for over 100,000
 years. Eventually realizing their Operatives were a threat, they
 attempted to assassinate all of them. They failed. The following
 Galactic Civil War was devastating.

 Thousands of years later, the Drox are extinct, but the secretive
 Drox Operative guild lives on. They have learned their lesson
 though: loyalty to any one race is foolish. They now work for
 whoever can pay. And pay they do! Empires might span hundreds of
 planets and thousands of ships, but when a critical task arises,
 they still turn to an Operative.

 In the new space race, the major races are scouting, colonizing,
 and expanding, trying to take over the galaxy by diplomacy,
 technology, war, or any other means their scheming minds can

 As a Drox Operative it's NOT your job to manage all of those
 annoying people, build thousands of buildings, play nice with
 your enemies, or balance the budget. It IS your job to pick the
 winning side and maybe even help them conquer the galaxy if
 you're being nice, more importantly though is to rake in as many
 credits as possible, well that and build the coolest, deadliest
 ship in the known universe. Not many screw with an Operative
 captaining a Dreadnaught!


 · Explore a dynamic and evolving galaxy
 · Explore a unique sector of the galaxy in every game, with
 different "monsters", ship components, quests, and even races
 · Fight in the galactic war between the various alien races
 · Battle hundreds of different enemy starships
 · Build the coolest and deadliest starship in the galaxy
 · Outfit your ship with thousands of components and crew
 · Adventure with your friends with co-op multiplayer

 System Requirements:

 Windows Minimum specs:
 · Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Win7
 · 1.5 GHz Pentium 4 (or other equivalent)
 · 256MB RAM
 · GeForce 2 (or other equivalent)
 · 200MB of hard drive space
 · DSL or better for multiplayer on internet

 Windows Recommended specs:
 · 2.0 GHz Pentium 4 (or other equivalent)
 · 256MB RAM
 · GeForce 3 or better (or other equivalent)

 Whats New in v1.010?:

 · Open changes.txt for a full list of whats new.

 For More Info on Drox Operative Visit:

 TE Release Filename: tdxo110x.zip

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 Install Setup.exe. Crack is preinstalled, launch the game from
 the shortcut and when serial number window pops up use ANY serial
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 Multiplayer CO-OP works ONLY with direct IP connection. Play on
 Public servers will not work unless you purchase the game.
 Zones.cfg can be modified to show your server in game and other
 cracked servers, just make sure people use your Zones.cfg or
 direct IP to connect. If you enjoy this game BUY IT!!!

 Thats it! Enjoy.
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