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Daft PunkΓÇÖs RANDOM ACCESS MEMORIES is a really good album, and itΓÇÖs exactly the album Daft Punk wanted to make. ItΓÇÖs also an album a lot of Daft Punk fans werenΓÇÖt hoping for. I knew this wouldnΓÇÖt be like any other Daft Punk album before listening to it for the first time, so I was not disappointed by what I heard. 

I did find, however, that the order and construction of the songs made for an incohesive listening experience.  So I decided to try my hand at a fan edit of the album - to create a version of the album that I would want listen to again and again. Although songs are altered, this isnΓÇÖt really a remix album - IΓÇÖve added no sounds other than what already existed on the record. 

IΓÇÖve decided to share this with the public in hopes that others will enjoy it. But donΓÇÖt forget to purchase the original album - I intend on picking up a vinyl copy as soon as itΓÇÖs available. 

Here is a track-by-track breakdown of how IΓÇÖve reconstructed the album:

1 - ΓÇ£Give Life Back to MusicΓÇ¥ (feat. Nile Rodgers) - No need to change this song or its placement. ItΓÇÖs a nice little stomper that introduces the album well and doesnΓÇÖt have anything jarring or weird.

2 - ΓÇ£Giorgio by MoroderΓÇ¥ feat. Giorgio Moroder - First of all, this is such a great synth riff - I canΓÇÖt get sick of it. With all due respect to Daft Punk and Giorgio Moroder, however, I did quickly get sick of MoroderΓÇÖs voiceover, so I got rid of everything he says - except a hat tip at the end, where he says his name.  I moved around some of the parts and cut out some of the jazzy solos.  The result is a pretty propulsive instrumental on the second track, not unlike ΓÇ£AerodynamicΓÇ¥ on DISCOVERY - putting a (great) ballad like ΓÇ£The Way of LoveΓÇ¥ in second position didnΓÇÖt seem right to me.

3 - ΓÇ£Instant CrushΓÇ¥ (feat. Julian Casablancas)- I firmly believe in putting your best three up-tempo songs in the first three tracks, and I think ΓÇ£Instant CrushΓÇ¥ is quite good, although itΓÇÖs basically a Strokes song in falsetto (I continue to like what Julian Casablancas and The Strokes have been releasing, so this is not a problem to me).  No need to edit, but it feels good placed right after this new version of ΓÇ£ΓÇ¥GiorgioΓÇ¥.

4 - ΓÇ£The Game of LoveΓÇ¥ - Again, great ballad. Really atmospheric. Works better in fourth position than second.

5 - ΓÇ£BeyondΓÇ¥ - I probably would have cut out the 45-second orchestral intro, but it bleeds into the first line of the lyrics. That said, itΓÇÖs not bad - itΓÇÖs just a little over-the-top. I honestly didnΓÇÖt know where to put this. ItΓÇÖs a hard one to place - this just didnΓÇÖt disrupt the flow of everything else I was building.

6 ΓÇô ΓÇ£Get LuckyΓÇ¥ (feat. Pharrell & Nile Rodgers) - Good spot for something more dancey. I seriously considered cutting this entirely, since itΓÇÖs a little too on the nose as a disco/soul song, but since itΓÇÖs the lead single, I figured I had to put it in. The album edit was too long, just adding in more repetitive Pharrell vocals, and extending the intro and outro. I figured out a way to shorten it, and make it a little more Daft Punk by adding and blending the robotic vocals with PharrellΓÇÖs. I also dropped out a couple ΓÇ£ahsΓÇ¥ and ΓÇ£uhsΓÇ¥ from the first verse, because I though they were annoying, even though IΓÇÖm quite sure they were deliberately placed. At this point, I will note that I cut ΓÇ£Lose Yourself to DanceΓÇ¥, because I think one disco/soul song sung by Pharrell is enough for the album. LetΓÇÖs call it a b-side.

7 - ΓÇ£TouchΓÇ¥ (feat. Paul Williams) - Well, what can I say about this song? ItΓÇÖs pretty weird. I must admit that I didnΓÇÖt enjoy Paul WilliamΓÇÖs vocals, so I cut them, even though they are basically the heart of the song. They just stood out too much on the album. Also, I had to cut out that ragtime part ΓÇô so weird. So basically itΓÇÖs an eclectic, experimental song that ends abruptly. I kind of like that it ends so abruptly and launches into the next track.

8 - ΓÇ£DoinΓÇÖ It RightΓÇ¥ (feat. Panda Bear) ΓÇô Nice little song with a trappy beat. No need for changes. I think itΓÇÖs placed well now, instead of right at the end of the album.

9 - ΓÇ£MotherboardΓÇ¥ ΓÇô What a pleasant little song ΓÇô sounds like something that could have fit on AirΓÇÖs Talkie Walkie - I just had to cut out all those gross noises in the middle that stops the song dead. The cut isnΓÇÖt the most elegant, but I think it makes a more coherent song. Also, I tagged a cookie to the end ΓÇô a segment from ΓÇ£Fragments of TimeΓÇ¥. I very much dislike that song, so removed the song as a whole, but felt it deserved an acknowledgement, since there is a reference to the album title in the lyrics.

10 - ΓÇ£WithinΓÇ¥ feat. Chilly Gonzales  Fairly minor cut here ΓÇô the piano intro wasnΓÇÖt doing anything for me, so out it went.  I think this fits very well between ΓÇ£MotherboardΓÇ¥ and ΓÇ£ContactΓÇ¥.

11 - ΓÇ£ContactΓÇ¥ feat. DJ Falcon - A grand finale. What an intense song once it kicks in. I considered cutting the astronaut intro, but decided against it - the song deserves the build up, and the astronaut transmissions are more re-listenable than Giorgio MorodorΓÇÖs monologue about his early career on ΓÇ£GiorgioΓÇ¥. I didnΓÇÖt need the 90 seconds of noise at the end, although it is impressive, so I cut that short.

-Na5555ty Man

Daft Punk - 2013 - Random Access Memories (The Na5555ty Man Edit) [320]/09 Motherboard (Na5555ty Man Fan Edit).mp3 11.756 MB
Daft Punk - 2013 - Random Access Memories (The Na5555ty Man Edit) [320]/08 Doin' It Right (feat. Panda Bear).mp3 10.161 MB
Daft Punk - 2013 - Random Access Memories (The Na5555ty Man Edit) [320]/10 Within (feat. Chilly Gonzales) (Na5555ty Man Fan Edit).mp3 7.867 MB
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