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Fans have been clamoring for the release of the two retro seasons of Mission: Impossible that aired in the late 1980s, and Paramount has finally obliged, with this 89 TV Season TV-on-DVD box set finishing the deal. The show is clearly past its prime here, but CBS knew a good deal when they saw it: Peter Graves and company make a sensational on-screen team, and even if theyre not working at full capacity, these episodes offer exceptionally entertaining escapist entertainment.
This collection sends the gang after a nuclear threat in a bizarre Asian country (Countdown), a neo-Nazi intent on overthrowing the American government (The Fuehrers Children), and even a space-vessel mystery (Target Earth). Not surprisingly, these episodes are tailor-made for diehard superfans of Mission: Impossibles heyday (and few others), but if that theme music instinctively makes you want to sit on the couch and waste an hour in front of the boob tube, this box set is right up your alley.  
#1- The Golden Serpent (Part 1)  
After the head of another IMF team is murdered, Jim and the rest set out to destroy an international drug triad. Greg Morris guest stars as Barney Collier.
#2- The Golden Serpent (Part 2)
#3- The Princess
A European princess is in danger of assassination.
#4- Command Performance
The IMF must rescue a priest who can bring down a Baltic defense minister.  
#5- Countdown  
Grant must get close to a fanatical woman and find the location of a nuclear bomb.  
#6- War Games
A fanatical general plans to turn war games into the real thing. His objective is to invade the bordering nation and overthrow his own government.
#7- Target Earth
Can the IMF stop the worlds first private space flight from being used for evil? (Stephen Kandel is the only writer other than Walter Brough (The Fixer, Reprisal and War Games) to contribute original scripts to both the original series and series remake.)
#8- The Fuehrers Children  
A neo-Nazi plans to unify the various neo-Nazi groups and create a fourth Reich using kidnapped children that were brainwashed from an early age.
#9- Banshee
An arms dealer in Northern Ireland increases his sales by killing a group of elderly people who are going on a picnic by planting a bomb in a bottle beer. Thus, inflaming the conflict between the Catholics and Protestants. The IMF is sent in to stop him and use some local mythology to help. Jim and Max go undercover as a pair of arms dealers seeking to make a deal with the first group who planted the bomb. While Shannon and Nicholas pose as traveling musicians and spread rumors about the spirits being angry about the old people being killed. The leaders from the opposing factions are kidnapped, and handcuffed together and forced to talk out their differences while the rest of the team goes after the arms dealer and his henchman. The teams pulls off an elaborate ruse wherein Shannon impersonates a Banshee and the others create the coach of death. All the while, the two rebel leaders are watching the events on a monitor while they are confined. Both agree to work together to deal with the murdrer and then talk to settle their problems.
#10- For Arts Sake
An important national painting, on loan to the United States, is stolen by an art thief and placed in a hidden gallery. The IMF have to recover the painting before an international incident occurs, with a little help from Degas. Alex Cord, the villain from Season 7s Crack Up from the original series, stars as the villain in this episode.
#11- Deadly Harvest
Terrorists plot to destroy the American wheat harvest.
#12- Cargo Cult
The IMF must stop evil gold miners from destroying Pacific islanders.
#13- The Assassin
Why are government officials suddenly committing murder and then killing themselves? This episode was a remake of Mindbend.
#14- The Gunslinger
An old west show town hides a deadly secret in a mine.
#15- Church Bells in Bogota
After the brutal killing of a judge who dared to stand up to a brutal drug lord; Jims IMF team is assigned to bring the drug lord to the U.S. to be brought to justice. To accomplish this, Shannon is assigned to infiltrate the nightclub that the drug lord owns and she is given the cover of a singer named Sarah Parsons. While Max and Jim infiltrate the drug lords compound. Shannon is immediately hired to sing at the club and as such she is flown by the drug lords nephew to Columbia on a private jet. However, during the flight, the plane crashes and Shannon loses her memory as a result. Jim goes to the hospital and disguises himself as a doctor and Shannon doesnt recognize him. Subsequent events see Shannon buy her own cover and she is taken to the drug lords mansion to recover. While there, the drug lords nephew lavishes gifts and affection on Shannon who, in turn, falls in love with him. Grant comes up with a device that may help Shannon regain her memory. Jim, under the guise of a doctor goes to Shannon and uses the device on her and it works. In order to draw out the target, Shannon agrees to accept a marriage proposal and go through with the ceremony while Nicholas impersonates a priest. The team manages to extract themselves and the target while being pursued by enemy forces.
#16- The Sands of Seth
A museum curator is killing Egyptian politicians.
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