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After two failed marriages, Avery Walker is encouraged by her therapist to explore her secret obsession. She can't get off without fantasizing about submitting to intimate examinations--performed by a hot female nurse. When she joins a medical fetish website, she expects to find a partner who'll provide a little probing and maybe some sexual release to help Avery get in touch with her kinky side.
Then she meets Nurse Lovette...
The consummate professional, Darby Lovette is determined to keep her relationship with Avery one of nurse and patient--nearly impossible when the gorgeous woman is on the exam table, willingly submitting to unspeakably intimate "procedures". The fact that she's loved and lost helps Darby maintain her resolve; falling in love isn't part of her treatment plan. But Avery's determination to explore sex with a woman just might be the cure for what ails them both.Reader Advisory: This book employs myriad toys created especially for erotic exams, no holes barred, and, ahem...perhaps a sensual enema--or two.If you like any of these book, support the author by buying it.SampleChapter One
Avery Walker pushed her untouched pastry away. She couldn’t have swallowed even if she’d been hungry. Today, not even the soothing scent of fresh-ground coffee and cinnamon buns could quiet her nerves. Today, she was meeting Darby Lovette in person for the first time.
Today, she was facing—and sharing—her darkest, most taboo fantasies.
Encouraged by her therapist, Avery had joined a fetish dating website. After two failed marriages to men, she had very reluctantly decided it might be time to confront her secret desires head on, to see if her therapist was right about the fact that fear was the only thing keeping her from having a real relationship. She’d signed up under the moniker Model Patient Seeks Nurse and had anonymously detailed the particulars of her fetish.
Avery had studied enough psychology in college to know a fetish like hers could drive a wedge between fantasy and real intimacy. How could it possibly help to bring her closer to anyone?
And a stranger at that?
The bell over the coffee shop door sounded and Avery looked up just as said stranger walked in.
Clad in sky-blue scrubs and with her blonde hair done up in an untidy knot on the back of her head, Darby didn’t look at all like what Avery had expected. Instead, Darby looked normal.
Wild panic surged. Avery had never admitted her “playing doctor” fantasies out loud to anyone except her therapist. And while the therapist had assured her such fantasies were common, and in fact, quite normal, Avery couldn’t believe it.
And yet years of unsatisfying sex with two husbands and a slew of boyfriends had driven her to this meeting. Slowly, she gained her feet and tried to force a smile as Darby glanced around the coffee shop. When their gazes met, Darby’s face brightened. She gave a little wave before going to the counter to get coffee.
Avery watched her. Fresh-faced and seemingly carefree, Darby didn’t look like a fetish freak. What would drive a woman like this to participate in medical-fetish kink?
Avery’s pulse skittered as Darby sweetened her coffee and then headed for the table.
“You must be Avery,” she greeted, as if they were meeting at a social function instead of for a fetish hook-up.
Darby juggled her purse and coffee cup and extended her hand. Avery shook it firmly, surprised by the little jolts of electric current running through her already at the other woman’s touch. Even given her initial attraction, she still doubted herself in coming here. How could she go through with this?
Living out her fantasies. What on earth had she been thinking?
They both sat and a steep moment of awkward silence ensued.
“So…you’ve never done this before?” Darby asked as she hung her purse on the back of her chair.
“No.” Now that the ice had been broken, mild relief washed through Avery. “I’m…I’m not even sure I want to.”
“That’s a pretty normal reaction.” Darby smiled then sipped her coffee. “I’ll tell you a little bit about me. Not too much though, because I think familiarity can tend to spoil the fantasy. Especially at first.”
“I can see how that could happen.” The one time Avery had tried anything akin to role-playing with her first husband, it had just seemed corny. Besides, in her fantasies, the doctors and nurses were always women.
“I’ve been in nursing for nearly ten years. I love helping people. I love being there for people and, most of all, the feeling of being needed,” Darby explained. “In all kinds of ways.”
The meaningful look emanating from Darby’s blue eyes made Avery’s clit ignite. “So I take it you’ve had other…partners.”
“I experimented with some of my girlfriends over the years but they accepted it mostly because tequila was involved.” Darby let out a self-deprecating laugh. “But my last girlfriend…she…uh…she left when things became too familiar.”
Obviously, Darby had invested more in the relationship than her partner. She blinked several times as if trying to ward off tears and then she inhaled and became all business once more. “So, as I told you in my email, I’m not looking for a relationship. I’m looking to satisfy your needs as well as my own. No strings attached.”
“After two divorces, I’m right there with you,” Avery said.
Darby’s head tilted slightly. “That’s right. You’ve never been with a woman before, have you?”
Avery’s stomach clenched. “Not really. I fooled around with friends in high school. You know, practicing for boys and all. Even then I knew I found women attractive but I was too scared to act on it. I guess the bottom line is I’m a hot mess.”
Some of Avery’s tension melted when Darby laughed.
She turned and reached into her bag, producing a piece of paper. “I believe I already told you I have the room and all the equipment. Marissa and I were together for two years—” Darby stopped and sighed before she pushed the paper and a pen across the table. “Many of my medical supplies are especially made for the fetish. I’ll show you each one before I use it. I have a list of the procedures I’m willing to perform. Check off the ones you’ll accept and then we’ll schedule your first appointment. I like to keep it as official as possible.”
“Yes, yes. I want that too,” Avery said as she peered down at the list. Her insides tangled. Some of the procedures, as Darby called them, seemed benign enough. Taking the temperature—although anally was in parentheses—blood pressure, height and weight. But farther down the list, breast exam, manual vaginal exam, pelvic exam with use of a speculum, pelvic ultrasound, manual rectal exam with and without a speculum…
Avery’s heart pounded so hard she could hear the blood rushing in her ears. Her vision glazed and she blinked to focus. A note at the end of the long list stated that punishment and sexual reward was available if the patient desired. Avery gulped. She hadn’t even told her therapist she fantasized about some of these things.
But she did.
She drew in a deep breath. “I…I would at least like to…to try all of these. Except anything to do with needles. I’m not into getting stuck.”
“Just mark that one out then. And if at any time during any of the procedures you wish me to stop, I will. After all, this is and should be about mutual pleasure.”
Avery leaned forward to prevent their neighbors from overhearing. “During any of our…appointments…will we have…sex…together?”
“I derive my pleasure from seeing that your needs are met. And right now, I’m not ready for a give-and-take relationship. I’ll help you achieve orgasm if you need to come. Is that all right with you?”
In the back of her mind, Avery had never dreamed this might turn out to be more than a meet-up and visit to fantasyland. Besides, she had no business getting into a real relationship either. Right now, it was enough just to explore this darker side of her personality—to find out why her sexual needs had entwined with medical examinations. “Yes,” she replied.
Two dimples deepened on either cheek when Darby smiled. “Good. Then let’s discuss your first appointment.”
“I teach school and we’re out for the summer, so I’m available at your convenience.”
“Great. I’m four days on and four off at the hospital. What about tomorrow, say ten?”
Avery hadn’t expected it to start this fast. “Ten would be good.”
“Good,” Darby said. “There’s a map to my house on the back of the paper I gave you. Park in the back and come in the back door. No drinking beforehand—not that most people would drink before ten, but when you work nights, you think about stuff like that. I adhere to standard kink rules.”
“What will we do tomorrow?”
“I like to keep some things as surprises. It heightens the patient’s pleasure. But rest assured, I’ll just get your feet wet tomorrow.” Darby downed a big swallow of coffee.
Avery nodded. Maybe this was going to be better than she’d even imagined. No pressure. Just exploration.
Darby stood. “I’ll see you at ten. Call me if you get lost on the way.” She shouldered her purse, smiled and then left.
Mind running rampant, Avery watched Nurse Lovette walk away. The thought of the petite, sexy blonde doing some of the things on that list to her, all with the purpose of achieving sexual satisfaction instead of being prodded for the sake of a real medical test, caused hot dampness to moisten Avery’s panties.
It didn’t make sense. Why did it turn her on? Common sense desperately grappled for prominence in her scattered thoughts. Her therapist had ordered it. He’d told her once she got to the bottom of where her medical-procedure fetish had begun, she could then—and only then—learn to be truly intimate with another human being.
Seeing as how she’d ruined two relationships, Avery was ready to try most anything. She glanced at the list, her gaze falling on manual rectal exam.
To what had she agreed? Blowing out a breath, she raked a hand through her shoulder-length hair. She’d find out tomorrow.
* * * * *
Darby had been right about the whole concept of familiarity. As Avery turned into the drive and parked her sedan, she stared at the back entrance of Darby’s house. For the most part, the structure looked like your average three-bedroom, one-story brick ranch. A garage had obviously been enclosed and a set of two steps led to an awning-covered door.
A high wooden fence enclosed the nicely manicured lawn. Adding to the ambiance, a small Caduceus hung beside the door. Avery stared at the snake entwined around the staff, wondering why the medical profession had chosen a serpent as their symbol.
It was almost ten. Punishments. Avery drew in a sharp breath. What would Darby do if she happened to be late for an appointment? And why on earth, Avery mused, had she checked that she’d be up for punishments of any kind? She’d never been one to fantasize about spankings. But the idea of being forced to submit to an invasive anal probing made Avery’s clit throb with erotic need.
Swallowing thickly, she opened the car door and got out. Darby had instructed her to come inside. On shaky legs, Avery strode across the driveway, up the two concrete steps and into the house.
She felt her eyes widen as she entered what appeared to be a very real waiting room.
Industrial-looking chairs lined two walls. A television had been switched on to a news channel and muted, closed captioning crawling across the bottom of the screen. On one wall, a little window opened into what appeared to be an office, complete with filing cabinets, a desk and a computer. Darby had gone all out to provide her patients with a very authentic experience.
Avery stood at the window and Darby stepped into view. Today, she wore a more traditional white nurse’s uniform, complete with white hose and a cap bearing a red cross. “Good morning,” she said in a professional tone. “Just take a seat. Nurse Lovette will be with you in a moment.”
Excited and aroused, Avery forced a smile and sat down to peruse a magazine. Just like in a real doctor’s office, her heart rate increased with every minute spent waiting. What was Darby going to do to her? Avery wondered if she’d enjoy it as much as she thought she would. All last night, she hadn’t slept. Instead, she’d played with her vibrator, bringing herself to orgasm after orgasm while imagining acting out some of the procedures on the list.
Finally, an interior door opened. “Avery Walker.”
Avery stood and walked through the door Darby held open for her. Just like in any other doctor’s office, a short hall led to a small, windowless room made to look exactly like an examining room. Through another door, Avery noticed a very hospitalish-looking bathroom.
Her entire body shimmered with anticipation as she took in the examination table—complete with paper runner and padded foot stirrups—the doctor’s stool, a stainless sink in the corner. The sharp bite of alcohol and a faint tinge of bleach lingered in the air, giving the room an even more authentic feel. Garish fluorescent lighting glared from overhead.
Avery’s gaze fixed on two blue, folded paper gowns on the table. The craziness of this suddenly filled her with a mixture of terror and curiosity. She didn’t know whether to back out now or go further. But then, she remembered she’d been given a safe word on the paper Darby had asked her to sign. Enough. Avery possessed the power to stop this if the procedures became too intense or merely made her uncomfortable. She’d come this far. And if the key to her inability to achieve true intimacy with another could be discovered through what had up until now been a fantasy, then her best bet was to go through with it.
“Undress completely,” Darby told her as she touched one of the paper gowns. “Put this one over your lap and wear the other like a shirt, opening in the front.”
Avery inhaled deeply and nodded.
“You can put your purse, clothes and shoes in this cabinet,” Darby told her as she opened a skinny closet.
“I’ll be back when you’re ready.” With that, Darby left the room.
Heart hammering, Avery sat her purse in the cabinet and then slipped off her shoes. Her fingers trembled as she unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off. She carefully hung it on the hook inside the door before unzipping and wriggling out of her skirt. Shaking, she folded it and put it in the cabinet before she took off her bra and panties.
Her insides warmed and her channel clenched mercilessly as she pulled on the paper shirt and wrapped the other, just a paper drape, around her waist. Her breaths came in quick pants as she stepped on the stool and climbed onto the table.
She’d never done anything like this in her life. Chills broke out down her arms and legs. She shifted, realizing she’d left a damp spot on the paper. Was she a freak for wanting this?
Nearly everybody joked about playing doctor but this was taking it to an entirely new level.
While she waited, she looked around the examination room. A calendar advertising some type of pharmaceutical had been stuck to the cabinet door over the sink. A copy of an Impressionist painting hung on one wall. For all practical purposes, it looked like any other doctor’s office, from the industrial paper towel dispenser to the generic tile floor.
Two soft knocks sounded on the door before Darby opened it. At that moment, in Avery’s mind, Darby ceased to be Darby and transformed into Nurse Lovette.
“I see you’re here for a complete physical,” the nurse said. “Are you having any problems?”
Avery gulped. “No.”
Nurse Lovette put the chart she’d been carrying on the counter and then put the earpieces to her stethoscope in her ears. She dragged a blood-pressure cuff off its wall hanger. Avery offered her arm as the nurse slipped the cuff on, tightened it and then squeezed the pump. The nurse pressed the cold end of the stethoscope to the pulse point in the middle of Avery’s arm and listened as the cuff deflated.
“Your blood pressure is a little high this morning.”
Avery didn’t doubt that at all. This whole role-playing thing was becoming so realistic she nearly forgot it
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